A glass of bourbon done neat beside a bottle of Fistful of Bourbon.

It Ain’t Just A Bourbon.
It’s a Damn Fistful.

A blend of five bourbons created with over 100 years of whisky blending experience.

Master Kelsey McKechnie holding a glass of Fistful of Bourbon.

Meet the Master

Upon finishing her undergraduate degree in Applied Biological Sciences from the University of West Scotland in 2013, Kelsey McKechnie began her career at William Grant & Sons. The creativity and complex layers behind distilling immediately stood out to her. Now taking on a new category of American whiskey, Kelsey’s yearning to expand her knowledge led her to Fistful of Bourbon. As our Master Blender, Kelsey worked her magic and created an award winning blend of five straight bourbons, a literal Fistful of Bourbon. Kelsey and her team searched far and wide throughout the country to find the five perfect straight bourbons to comprise Fistful; a whiskey that is full of flavor and extremely versatile.

Fistful of Flavor

The idea was a big whiskey that balances sweet and spice. To get there, each “finger” of our Fistful has a distinct flavor.

Our Blend of Five

We wanted to make a bourbon that was smooth as all hell but with tasty complexity. As a whisky-making family going back over 100 years, we knew the only way to achieve that was by blending. So, we sent our superstar, Kelsey McKechnie to the States on a quest for the perfect blend. She had a great time and almost didn’t come home. Along the way, Kelsey experimented with loads of bourbons before choosing the five ‘fingers’ that would make up our Fistful. One is balanced and sweet. One has delicious floral notes. One has warm spices. Another has a buttery toffee flavor. And one is loaded with notes of cinnamon and licorice. The result is a smooth-as-hell bourbon with full-fisted flavor. It’s well-worth sipping neat and tastes fantastic in mixed drinks.

A two-dimensional illustration of a bottle of Fistful of Bourbon.

Go Ahead and Ask

Damn Easy Cocktails

Fistful of Bourbon is sure delicious on its own, but if you are looking for something to mix it up in try one of our mighty fine cocktails.


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